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  • Jewelopia, A new era in fashion jewelry began was formally launched by the Desire collection. Based out of New Delhi from India–Jewelopia truly symbolizes the synergy between the two worlds and marks the influence of Western/ Traditional fashions in India. We have shared our vision locally and globally with customers in India and all across the world.
  • Jewelopia stands for 'Jewelry' – and that's exactly what we aim to make our customers with our wide range of designs. The modern Men/woman is a symbol of style and elegance, a testament to his/her brother/sisters in history who have been sporting jewelry like armor and a beacon of hope for the future. Jewelopia was founded, to give women access to modern, fine jewelry, which is also wearable every day.
  • It is said that there is no love as deep and true as the love you have for your own self. Jewelopia stands as a reminder of that Tradition. Love your spirit, and the world will follow. Our reputation shines as brightly as our ornaments, started a decade back with dedication and struggle by my father. My joyful journey began when I was a little girl curious to know everything that my father did. Soon my fondness lead me to learn the art closely and I started dreaming of something huge.
  • The legacy was to be kept at par but there was a need for something new to cater to today’s needs. We gradually expanded to different kinds of fashion jewelry with some great ideas of today's world and here I am with a venture close to my heart, bounded by tradition and blessed by elders.